Some notes

Time flies as it's another month passing by, and it will be too long if I do not post anything for more than a month.
Here are some simple notes.

01, svn: OPTIONS of 'https://svn.test:1991/prj1': SSL handshake failed: SSL error: An unexpected TLS packet was received. (https://svn.test:1991)
-->Possible solution: restart apache.
For server of older brothers of wheezy, use /etc/init.d/apache2 restart, else use service apache2 restart


How to ignore all the files under tmp and cache dir in svn?

The key factors are:
1,You have to set this by svn:ignore property, either by svn propset or propedit
2,You need to set this settings for each object to its parent folder which has to be alredy added into the svn repository(e.g versioned)

The steps could be:
1, cd /path/to/tmp
2, svn propedit svn:ignore .
3, By command in step 2, an editor will be opened awaiting ignore list to be typed in
4, Simply type * into it
5, save and exit
6, svn commit -m'~ ignore files under tmp dir'


Setup SVN, https and Post-Commit Shell in Debian (Squeeze)

A different port other than 443 is needed, such as 19903. ( Wanna know why? See for more info)

So vim /etc/apache2/ports.conf, and add NameVirtualHost for port 19903:
Listen 19903

The name of virtual server can be arbitrary, such as 'test.svn',
So after everything is done, the URL for svn client to use will be https://test.svn:19903/

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