A1 - Crazy For Leaving You

I will regret this choice of mine
I never want to see you cry
I care about you endlessly
You deserve a deeper love than me

I don't know If I’ll make It on my own

But I've tried so hard to let It go
And I can't hide this feeling, I must be
Crazy for leaving you
Must be crazy for feeling blue
But my heart lately
Has been untrue

I must be crazy (Crazy)
Crazy (Crazy)
Crazy (Crazy)
For leaving you



Arrived Shenzhen, so did the rain
Maybe because of the rain, the sky looks quite low, and blue

I kind of yearn the spring and autumn in Beijing, where in the spring, the catkins flying all the way in the sky makes me feel sort of absentminded; while in the autumn, the big trees in the suburbs begin to drop their leaves without a seemingly end, the poetic imagery in it can get me excited with goose bumps.

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