Shan Tianfang

Saw Shan Tianfang on TV this morning. He reminds me of my childhood days.

When it was my days in primary school, every time on the ring bell of the lunch break, I was the one among those who ran fastest out of the classrooms to go home. And many times I was the fastest one. I ran continuously about 3000 meters to get home mainly for two reasons. One is to avoid being made "fun" from those 'bigger' boys who usually tended to bully the younger children. And the other is I just couldn't wait to listen Mr Shan Tianfang to convert his promise of “Please listen to the next chapter to know what happened'. During those days, on the way of going home, my mind was often filled with questions like: will the Tianmen disposition of troops be breakable? Will there be any news from Yang Silang? Will he come back to see his mother? Who can beat Lvbu? And when will Tonglin achieve his dream to “Create his own space with a new KongFu faction”?


If you don't know me by now

If you don't know me by now
You will never never never know me
All the things that we've been through
You should understand me like
I understand you

Now girl I know the difference
between right and wrong
I ain't gonna do nothing
to break up our happy home


'Nonsense' paragraphs of random texts to be used when testing.

Sit amet. At eros pharetra lacinia. Proin at ligula non magna lacinia tempus. Maecenas justo diam, sollicitudin eu pharetra id, placerat a lacus. Vivamus id ante sed diam consequat vestibulum. Quisque porta, ligula sit amet vehicula luctus, est velit bibendum urna, et auctor dolor lectus at massa. Nullam eu ligula lectus, eget scelerisque nunc. Sed massa lectus, sollicitudin eu laoreet a, vestibulum quis dolor. Fusce a lacus mauris. Donec pulvinar massa in ligula bibendum vulputate. Donec vel nulla sed massa hendrerit fermentum pellentesque quis orci.


CKEditor 3.5.2 become uneditable if parent container was hided in Iceweasel 3.5.16

Ya, the latest firefox is version 4.0 now. But I am using it as Iceweasel from Debian Squeeze apt repo, it's still 3.5.16. This issue do not happen in firefox 4.0, which I tested in a windows system.

So to reproduce this issue:
1. Have firefox 3.5.16
2. Create a ckeditor like below:


CKEditor Error: {Message: 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object} in IE8

While Firefox is ok, IE8 reports an error as below and refuse to render the editor:

Message: 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object
Line: 47
Char: 2544
Code: 0
URI: http://xxx.test/js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js

Googled a while without lucky. But seems like it's about the language settings.

After tried for hours clearing cache and refresh, finally found two solutions for me:


Setup SVN, https and Post-Commit Shell in Debian (Squeeze)

A different port other than 443 is needed, such as 19903. ( Wanna know why? See for more info)

So vim /etc/apache2/ports.conf, and add NameVirtualHost for port 19903:
Listen 19903

The name of virtual server can be arbitrary, such as 'test.svn',
So after everything is done, the URL for svn client to use will be https://test.svn:19903/


The Canterbury Distribution, a joke of April 1st?

Is it a joke of April 1st? If so, it's such a big one!


PHP Warning: Xdebug MUST be loaded as a Zend extension in Unknown on line 0

Today, the error info like title of this blog shows up when running php-cli command in Debian.

Check the configuration in /etc/php5/conf.d/xdebug.conf and find its content as below:

; configuration for php xdebug module

As the error info tells, the xdebug IS loaded as 'extension' instead of 'zend_extension'. So change it to:

; configuration for php xdebug module
;load the xdebug as a zend_extension


Good night,

Good dream.


Setup sftp Jails

Followed steps from, but kept getting error
"unexpectedly closed network connection"
when connecting server using FileZilla.

Checked the auth log(tail /var/log/auth.log) and found info below:

sshd[17331]: fatal: bad ownership or modes for chroot directory component "/srv/sftp/group01"

Then the reason came into vision: the ownership for "/srv/sftp/group01" was user01.user01!
Change it to be "root:root", the error info gone away from filezilla!



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