Some notes

Time flies as it's another month passing by, and it will be too long if I do not post anything for more than a month.
Here are some simple notes.

01, svn: OPTIONS of 'https://svn.test:1991/prj1': SSL handshake failed: SSL error: An unexpected TLS packet was received. (https://svn.test:1991)
-->Possible solution: restart apache.
For server of older brothers of wheezy, use /etc/init.d/apache2 restart, else use service apache2 restart

02, How to use rsync to diff-copy local files onto remote server?
-->Possible solution: rsync -avz --progress /parth/to/local/dir/ username@remote-hostname:/path/to/remote/dir
Compare following two lines:
a) rsync -av --progress [src-dir]/ [dst-dir]
b) rsync -av --progress [src-dir] [dst-dir]

Note the "/" after the [src-dir] will makes a difference.
Without it, the folder structure on remote server will be sth like /[dst-dir]/[src-dir], eg, the [src-dir] itself will become a child folder of [dst-dir].
While with the "/" after the [src-dir], the command will sync the [src-dir]'s child folders onto remote server as [dst-dir]'s child folders.

03, What if a svn repo been moved onto another server? Is it a must to re-checkout the whole workcopy?
-->No, just do sth like this:
svn switch --relocate



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