How to ignore all the files under tmp and cache dir in svn?

The key factors are:
1,You have to set this by svn:ignore property, either by svn propset or propedit
2,You need to set this settings for each object to its parent folder which has to be alredy added into the svn repository(e.g versioned)

The steps could be:
1, cd /path/to/tmp
2, svn propedit svn:ignore .
3, By command in step 2, an editor will be opened awaiting ignore list to be typed in
4, Simply type * into it
5, save and exit
6, svn commit -m'~ ignore files under tmp dir'

7, cd /path/to/cache
8, Repeat step 2 to 5
9, svn commit -m'~ ignore files under cache dir.'



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