The ending words of "The Days About Youth"

We have wasted too much youth
Those were so self-righteous yet so mess youth days
There were happiness and tears, vitality and decadent, sweet and absurdity, confidence and confusion
We were sensitive, we were cranky, we were extreme stubbornly to pretend to be strong
We hurt others easily and get it back easily too
We kept chasing decadent happiness, we were drunk with the beauty of loneliness
We firmly believed that we were different from all the others and the world will definitely change because of us
Until we came to realize that we are not young any more, and our future might no longer be unlimited either
Actually has it ever been unlimited?
Once at a moment, we all thought we have grown up
One day, we finally found that
Besides desire, the meaning of being grown up also contains courage, responsibility, strong character and certain inevitable sacrifice
We are still kids in front of life. Really, we have never been grown up:
We still do not understand how to love and be loved in return





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