Shan Tianfang

Saw Shan Tianfang on TV this morning. He reminds me of my childhood days.

When it was my days in primary school, every time on the ring bell of the lunch break, I was the one among those who ran fastest out of the classrooms to go home. And many times I was the fastest one. I ran continuously about 3000 meters to get home mainly for two reasons. One is to avoid being made "fun" from those 'bigger' boys who usually tended to bully the younger children. And the other is I just couldn't wait to listen Mr Shan Tianfang to convert his promise of “Please listen to the next chapter to know what happened'. During those days, on the way of going home, my mind was often filled with questions like: will the Tianmen disposition of troops be breakable? Will there be any news from Yang Silang? Will he come back to see his mother? Who can beat Lvbu? And when will Tonglin achieve his dream to “Create his own space with a new KongFu faction”?

Mr Shan's storytelling is so excellent that his program became my favorite. His stories are often about “another world”, which filled up a child's imagination and meet up his endless curiosity. Just like after I watched the 'Journey to the west', I often took a stick of flax as my golden cudgel and play with it around the whole village, after enjoyed Shan Tianfang's storytelling, I often compare myself with those heroes in the story, imagine that I could have skills or quality like them to be respected by others and to be so proud of myself. So those heroes and their stories have softly taught me that to be a decent man or knight, you have to be loyal, be diligent, be filial, be brave but cautions, be willing to help others and to defy difficulties..... There are aslo many plain sayings full of wisdom and knowledge across the stories describing the heroes and their stories. I am not such a noble person, nor a knight. But even a common people has his own life and want to live in a better manner, while this stories helps.

However in the storytelling, the world is always black or white. Good guys are always good, while bad ones can be always bad. Good people only do the right things, but the bad ones seem hardly find their kindness. Even if a good man do something wrong, he must have some reasons of hardship or grievance, while even a bad man do something quite right, it probably come only as an incidence. And good people admire each other because they are like-minded, however when the bad guys work together, it's because they are pigs love that lie together. Also in storytelling, the love affairs are often told quite briefly in a couple of words. Well as I grow up, I come to realize that no man are pure good or bad, instead they are usually mixing of right and wrong. And as for love, I see love takes much of people's mind and energy throughout their lives. Perhaps its because the real life is much more complex as it in the storytelling.

After the TV show of Shan Tianfang, I felt it's not enough. So I Googled him. And I found his blog: . The stories of his own get me touched too.

As what he said(on his blog):”I have been living for seventy years, experienced countless risks. I have a life full of twists and turns. I tasted the bitter, the happiness, the sorrow, the joy and the mixed feeling of them all. Hope you readers could like it.”

After read the 'twists and turns' described in his stories, I could not mange to 'like' it. But I felt “sympathy” and regards. My fathers and grandfathers also told me stories, but not detailed as Shan Tianfang's told in his blog. I always thought I am a man of stories also, I had enough twists and turns, and difficulties. But now, having his endures in mind and seeing the smile on his face, I find my grieves sources are such a thing not worth mentioning.

So for me, Shan Tianfang's storytelling accompanied me to grow up and educated me, and his own stories encouraged me and educated me another time. I'd like to say a “Thank you” to him: Thanks, Mr Shan Tianfang!

It's known that "Shan Tianfang's storytelling are listened wherever there is a well". I can tell it's true because about fifteen years ago, there was a well in yard of a boy's family, a radio in the house and the little boy is a big fan of Shan Tianfang's storytelling.



Being a hero to be respected by others always the dream of a boy!


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