Why do I quit QQ?

I decided not to send any messages using QQ anymore since Dec 06, 2010. Some of my friends do not quite understand me well on this. So I want to explain why do I quit QQ.

First, I would like to think about the other question: why do I have to use QQ?

Because most of my friends are using it. If I want to keep in touch with them and want to communicate with them instantly, QQ is the most convenient choice and the first choice right after mobile phone.

Because QQ is also a strong instant messenger. It support audio/video chat online, desktop sharing, and richful similes with a great many enthusiasts behind it and thus has great resource. To communicate with qq in a discussion group often means funny things to relief you a bit from the busy work.

But why do I quit QQ?

Ya, it's ture most my friends are using QQ, but not all of my friends are using it. And not many of them really like it. Many of them open QQ with a invisible status just like I do. It's just not so useful, and kind of wired with a feeling of hiding from sth.

For me, if I do not send out a message I will accept none also. Except that the group chatting message alert do show up from time to time with funny, funny and funny pictures. It could be helpful when I am depressed, but could be annoying when I am working also.

Another reason is that I simply do not like what Tencent has done to users by providing the QQ instant service. It makes me annoying with ad pop-ups, news pop-ups... xx pop-ups, it even ask me to uninstall another software or itself.

So shortly, I found it's not necessary to be too dependent on a instant messenger software, especially when it's a messenger who come with many ads and variety of 'suggestions' and 'commands' to its user.

For communication, I use Email. And If I REALLY HAVE TO use instant message software, I can use Gtalk/MSN via pidgin. There are also many other choices, but qq is not on my list. If you still can not understand my decision, and you insist to have me on qq, please write me a email, I will explain to you further and I am confident to make you understand through.

Update on 12 Sep, 2011:
I use QQ again with a new number because I found out that it's quite difficult for me not using it as long as I live in mainland China.



Try to be one of your followers!

If you find QQ is not necessary, then welcome, but later if you find it's necessary, feel free to stick with it :)
Solution should depends on the requirement :D

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