How does it feel being a techsailor?

I joined techsailor on March 15, 2010. Nearly 1 year till now.

I pretty enjoy the life here overall based on following factors:

1, Working with Linux, PHP, Cakephp is much of fun. As a phper, I can now work closer to the open source community, and I am even planning to join it and contribute some code pieces in 2011.

2, I have very good colleagues who are smart, professional and easy to get along with. I can talk to them directly and even intuitively. So within such an environment, I can focus on my coding stuff and care less about the complex 'office politics' I experienced in some other company before.

3, The distance between the office and my living room is now very close, only about 2-3 km. I can arrive office in 35 minutes by walking. Besides, for 20 minutes of it, I will walk through the TianHe park filled with little rivers, green trees, singing birds and so on... I can even take a morning exercise like a running or some simple football practices on my way to office to keep my physical strength!

4, I was kept busy coding multiple projects before December till we have a new phper joined us at the beginning of January. So I have more time and can spare 1-2 hours more researching my recipes to improve my cooking skills recently. I hope I can continue this good work in 2011.

5, I am allowed to spare sevaral hours to enjoy my Sunday afternoon playing my most favorite football game nearly every week. It simply makes my life more complete :D

6, I am always grateful about my life. Making some fun in the office, coding some good useful website for our clients, kicking some fantasy football, cooking some delicious food and being a techsailor, are all really good stuff for me.


That's not all but let's end here, Thanks for reading :)


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