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Force https protocol for the entire site

If your Apache server have the mod_rewrite module enabled, add following code piece into the '.htaccess' file will force https protocol throughout a website.

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R,L]
php_value session.cookie_secure 1

Those 3 lines of code could be interpreted as follow:

If the requests come for port 80
Redirect the requests to its https address
Tell php to process sessions via https pipes only.

How the rewrite rule works?


Talk with HQ

HQ is a very much experienced PHPer and also a successful one. Today I had a talk with him, from which I got several learnings.

1.Try to be more effective.
It's good to pursue perfection, but when the time-line is an important consideration, you have to have the ability to solve problems in a fast manner, without ignoring the quality of course.
I know I am effective now, but I need to improve on this further.


Squeeze released

Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” released on February 6th after 2 years of constant development.

Notable updates include:

GIMP 2.6.11
MySQL 5.1.49
GCC 4.4.5
Linux 2.6.32
Apache 2.2.16
PHP 5.3.3
Xen Hypervisor 4.0.1 (dom0 as well as domU support)
More than 29k (10k new) soft built from nearly 15k source packages

Starting of trip enjoying the squeeze and anticipating the next version of Debian: Wheezy (Debian 7.0)!


How does it feel being a techsailor?

I joined techsailor on March 15, 2010. Nearly 1 year till now.

I pretty enjoy the life here overall based on following factors:

1, Working with Linux, PHP, Cakephp is much of fun. As a phper, I can now work closer to the open source community, and I am even planning to join it and contribute some code pieces in 2011.


Why do I quit QQ?

I decided not to send any messages using QQ anymore since Dec 06, 2010. Some of my friends do not quite understand me well on this. So I want to explain why do I quit QQ.

First, I would like to think about the other question: why do I have to use QQ?

Because most of my friends are using it. If I want to keep in touch with them and want to communicate with them instantly, QQ is the most convenient choice and the first choice right after mobile phone.


Drupal 7 Released today.

More info can be found at:



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