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Setup sftp Jails

Followed steps from http://library.linode.com/security/sftp-jails, but kept getting error
"unexpectedly closed network connection"
when connecting server using FileZilla.

Checked the auth log(tail /var/log/auth.log) and found info below:

sshd[17331]: fatal: bad ownership or modes for chroot directory component "/srv/sftp/group01"

Then the reason came into vision: the ownership for "/srv/sftp/group01" was user01.user01!
Change it to be "root:root", the error info gone away from filezilla!


Real to me = Naive?

One day after
Blessings on myself too:

I need exit, peace and strength

It's damn not easy to be me



May you have strength now
May you are in peace now
May you are happy now

I am blessing for you
And always will

May you will have the strength
May you will be in peace
May you will be happy

It's a common day
And it's a special day
One reason is that
I am blessing for you

There will be common days
There will be special days
One reason is that
I am blessing for you

May love will light up your hope
May love will guide you home
May Love will keep us alive


Enable compiz for a debian system as a Virtualbox guest

1. Make sure to enable the extended '3D Acceleration' feature for the guest Debian and give it enough video memory. I am not sure how much would matter, I just give it 128MB in my case.

2. Make sure the 'Virtual Guest Additions' & also the Compiz package installed for the guest Debian.


Till this February, I am still a phper, and a better one

It's not about age, but after 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, at the age of 26, I am a now professional phper who started as a amutar website enthusiast.
These are indeed memorable days filled with pretty much ponder, exploration and the desire to action.

I started as a .NET developer in early 2007 and wrote a number of projects using C#. Some of them are web-form applications, some are win-form apps. Also there are few webform and winfrom mixed applications also.


Some little troubleshooting experience in debian - memo 1

1, A dpkg error:
status database area is locked by another process
Try (sudo) following command:
rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock && rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock && dpkg --configure -a

2, Chrome In Debian下, Chinese fonts looks blur?
Google took me here:
Simply: [sudo gedit /etc/fonts/conf.d/49-sansserif.conf] find and replace "sans-serif" with "uming.ttc"

3, In Debian, fonts looks too small


Run multi audio players/apps in Debian

In Debian(Lenny & Squeeze), you can only play one audio app once defaultly.

I found a solution with 2 steps for amending.

1, Install Pulseaudio(and remove Esound) with following quick command:


PHP is not virus

On windows server 2003, I installed php5.2.14, tried to make it work with IIS6.

Everything seems ok but when trying to use the function 'fopen', the page keep getting warning msg like 'fopen('xx.php'): failed.....permission denied....' etc.

After googled a lot, read a lot, many articles suggest things like "give permission of the web folder to group of 'everyone' to fully control it", or give 'read/write' permission to IIS user 'IUSER_Machinename', and not to forget restart IIS when changing sth blablabla.....

But none of them works.


2010, A year of diligence

The 2010 annual party of Techsailor China was held on Jan 28, 2011. It's a well organized party. I can feel the organizer did a lot work on it, which makes the party the best one I've ever joined in. While tasting the delicious food, we looked back to what projects we've done & what we've achieved in 2010. It makes me feel that all the efforts been made are quite worthwhile. What comforted me more is that I was luckily enough to get the reward of 'Techsailor China: The Diligent Reward of 2010'.


To query the top 3 users with most posts descently

First, let's build the db for testing:

CREATE SCHEMA test_110213 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;

USE test_110213;


INSERT INTO user VALUES (1, 'Yanshan');
INSERT INTO user VALUES (2, 'Hugh');
INSERT INTO user VALUES (3, 'Exoool');
INSERT INTO user VALUES (4, 'Della');
INSERT INTO user VALUES (5, 'Afeiya');
INSERT INTO user VALUES (6, 'Delphisoav');



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